How to Start a Mobile Mechanic Business in Australia?

Mark Alfred
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Starting and setting up a mobile mechanic business in Australia can be a challenging task to accomplish. It will take effort, time, investments, and adequate hard work with specific skill sets. However, the business outcomes can be much more rewarding.

If you think you have the skills and talent it takes, we have gathered some insights on initiating a mobile mechanic business in Australia. This comprises tips on marketing your mobile mechanic business, getting the needed licence and locking in the legal demands that will get your venture up and smoothly operating.

What is a mobile mechanic business?

A mobile mechanic business is generally an individual or a group that travels wherever they are required to offer vehicle repairs and mechanic services.

With a travelling or mobile workshop in the back of their vehicle, a mobile mechanic can execute everything from straightforward tire repairs to complex vehicle part replacements.

Fundamentally, you will be working as a travelling mechanic who is proficient in repairing cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

We at 5iQ Workshop Management Software want to recommend some tips to initiate your mobile mechanic business successfully. Let us further discuss how to start a mobile mechanic business in Australia.

What should you know before deciding to open an independent Auto repair shop?

There are many accountabilities intricated in starting and successfully running your auto repair shop and offering mobile mechanic services. A few essential tasks comprise the following:

  • Dealing with the finances
  • Handling inventory and taxes
  • Offering precise customer services
  • Managing administrative tasks, like scheduling and payments
  • Enabling the marketing, operations, and sales of your business

Before starting a mobile mechanic business, you should be well-prepared to manage these tasks yourself or hire a professional to assist you. Using customised software for activities like budgeting and accounting can even be a cost-effective approach to assist you in handling your business operations.

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A step-by-step guide to starting a mobile mechanic service shop

Let us together explore and discover how to commence a mobile mechanic business with step-by-step guidance.

Acquire the essential training.

You must complete the essential training to work as a qualified professional and later run an auto repair business. This typically involves carrying out an apprenticeship and getting an explicit license offered by the local Bureau of Industry.

Decide on the precise auto repair services you will provide

What services you can deliver as a mobile mechanic relies on diverse factors, like what categories of certifications you have, what sorts of tools you can acquire, and what costs you can charge.

You will also want to analyse the industry, market, and what niches you want to concentrate on in the beginning. As a mobile mechanic, you may want to sidestep heavy-duty tasks and let the surrounding garages do that. So, you can focus on offering swift, explicit, and effective services to your targeted customer base.

This is why some of the services delivered by a mobile mechanic need comparatively fewer tools and a quick turnover time.

Routine upkeep dealings such as oil changes, brake pad replacements, and tire alternations are even effective choices of services that are constantly required.

Some other categories of vehicle repair services to comprehend are as follows:

Under-hood vehicle part replacement — Many vehicle parts in the engine area are straightforward and swift to replace, comprising parts such as spark plugs, belts, and alternators.

Agricultural vehicle and equipment repair — This is an effective speciality if you work in a rural region, predominantly as several land-owners choose not to drive their equipment on main roads to reach an auto shop if they can sidestep it.

Construction vehicles and equipment repair — While working on construction sites, vehicles and equipment need more resources than you might have as a mobile-based mechanic. Fundamental check-ups and sustenance can be a sturdy service choice.

Vehicle inspections and safety checks — Both vehicle inspections and safety checks are swift and need fewer tools, making them another ideal service area a mobile mechanic can target.

Electric vehicle repair — Bearing in mind electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming progressively prevalent, you may also want to comprehend personalising your services to meet the boost in demand for EV mobile mechanics.

Locate the right workshop.

As you will be working out of your vehicle, selecting the precise one is vital. Here are some pointers you must comprehend as a mobile auto mechanic:

  • Dependability — As your profits rely on how effortlessly you can get around, dependability is a must for mobile mechanic vehicles. The less time and effort you spend on your own vehicle upkeep, the more you can invest in other people’s repairs.
  • Storage Space — It is imperative to consider how much cargo space you will need for your mobile repair business and measure this with start-up costs and fuel efficacy. The more you carry across with you, the lesser your gas mileage will be accountable. This may be a well-intentioned business tactic if you can execute an extensive range of services.
  • Fuel Efficiency and Economy — Effective fuel economy is also crucial, and a minor difference today can add up considerably over time. Paying for fuel will probably be one of your significant and frequent expenses, so it should be prioritised for overall profitability.

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Invest in tools and equipment.

You will be required to make sure that you can manage to pay for the precise tools and equipment for the different tasks. Precisely what you will require will vary depending on what services you decide to deliver to your customers as an auto mechanic. However, you will require the basic ones, like a drill, a carjack, screwdrivers, a jump-starter, and wrenches.

You will even be required to acquire non-mechanical equipment, like a card reader, for processing payments and software to enable the business.

Select a company name and register your business.

Selecting a name is an imperative part of branding your mobile mechanic business. You want your business name to be striking and expressive so it can effortlessly turn recognisable.

If you want to trademark your business name, you must make sure that the name is completely unique and that no one else has registered or trademarked the same.

Or else, you risk being jumbled with some other business name or not being able to list your services under your company name. Let us further explore and discover how to start a mobile mechanic business in Australia.

Start marketing your business.

Now, all you require to have a fruitful business is working on marketing and advertising your business. When comprehending how to market your mobile auto repair business to assist you in appealing to individuals and companies requiring auto repair work, you need to enable a marketing plan. This will facilitate you to have insights into your targeted market and audiences.

It will even be advantageous in serving your prevailing customer base. Some marketing approaches may include starting a social media page or promoting your website.

Marketing your websites can assist you in crafting an established business so that your targeted customer base can effortlessly find you.

Considering the Law path and how it helps

Like an Auto Repair Business, the legal deliberations are principally the same; the only variance is that a mobile business can run from anywhere, depending on where its customers are located.

Work Licences and Qualifications

It is vital that you visit your local licensing department to apply for the essential mechanic licenses. The category of license obligatory will differ based on the service you will offer as a business venture.

If you will be providing a series of services, then you may require multiple licenses. The concerned Department will give you the right information and significant insights to make sure that you are completely qualified.

In NSW, for running your vehicle repair business, you must have a vehicle repairer licence. You can easily apply online for a 1, 3 or 5-year licence with a precise application.

Australia-based Consumer Laws

In NSW, as a motor vehicle repairer, you will have to make sure your business conforms with all the Australia-based Consumer Laws.

These laws cover most services in Australia and link to consumer assurances. Likewise, work should be performed with complete care and expertise, fitting the required purpose, and completed in a realistic timeline.

If your business set-up fails to meet any of these assurances, your clients can request, under Australian laws, to be reimbursed for any damages or other losses.

Motor Dealers & Repairers Act

This act covers all the rules you are required to follow as a vehicle repairer in Australian regions. This is to make sure that you are not deceptive to your clients and that the fitting values of business conduct are explicitly followed.

Motor Dealers & Repairers Regulations

This act particularises upon the Legislation drawn above. This adds further insights with respect to precise licensing, record keeping and reporting needs, fees, and enablement of all the business-related activities.

Vehicle Insurance & Repair Industry-based Code of Conduct

This act and conduct enable transparency and mutual relations amid smash repairers and insurance firms. As a vehicle repairer business entity, you must surely comply with this code of conduct.

Legal Documents you will require

To set up and operate, you should present these explicit legal documents so that you can safeguard your business dealings. Some of the legal documents you should submit include the following:

  • A Services Agreement outlining the business service you provide so that your consumer can clearly know what expectations he can have from your business.
  • An Employment Agreement outlining your employee’s roles, duties, and commitments to your business.
  • A Refund Policy enables you to better inform your consumers of your refund policies.
  • A Tax Invoice enables you to craft a formal request for concerned payments and make sure your records are completely updated.


How much does a mobile mechanic earn in Australia?

The average annual earnings of a Mobile Mechanic in Australia range from $ 90,000 to $ 140,000 which will surely rise in the coming time. The overall profits make a mobile mechanic business a sizable occupation in Australian regions.

Is auto mechanics in demand in Australia?

The demand for auto mechanics is extensively rising in Australia and globally, turning it into a sizable business venture. An auto mechanic career path can be more fruitful if you can emphasise a specific area, like enabling electronics, vehicle engine management, and bodywork.

How to open a mechanic shop in Australia?

Here are the key tips for opening your mechanic shop and setting up a business in Australia.

  • Sign up for ABN.
  • Get a work licence.
  • Build a business plan and strategies.
  • Decide on your business location, service tools and equipment.
  • Consider related insurance policies.
  • Set the legal considerations and needed documents.
  • Start marketing and promoting your mechanic business.

How profitable is a car mechanic?

Car mechanics and auto repair shops usually have a profit margin of 50 percent to 65 percent for their applied labour efforts and 20 percent to 28 percent profitable related to auto parts.


So, we discussed in detail how to start a mobile mechanic business in Australia. We hope this blog post has given you the essential information and insights to assist you in joining the grades of fruitful entrepreneurs.

One of the lucrative options for those with a core background in mechanics is to initiate a mobile repair business in Australia. This can be money-making and offer the suppleness that comes with being your own boss in the business.

With increasing demands for advanced vehicles, mobile mechanics is already a maturing and ripening profession in Australia. It is even in great demand because the number of individuals who own vehicles and those who do not have enough time to take their vehicles to a mechanic shop is drastically increasing, and this is true on a global basis.



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