Digital Inspection in Automotive Industry Myths Debunked

Mark Alfred
5 min readSep 27, 2019
Digital Inspection In Automotive Industry Myths Debunked

The world is moving too fast towards digitization, and every industry now requires keeping up with it. One such industry where digitization can actually bring massive changes is the automotive industry. There is a trend in the automotive industry of implementing digital inspection software lately. And I am sure that this trend is going to make a more significant impact on the users with time.

Some of the people in the industry are actually scared about this inspection, and you have every reason to be scared as there are so many myths around it. In this article, we are going to debunk some myths and remove the fear that you have in mind against digital inspection in the automotive industry.

Importance of Digital Inspection

Before busting these myths, first, let us understand the importance of digital inspection. This digital inspection is here in the automotive industry to stay. So it is vital to know and understand how effective it is going to be. Some of the benefits of this inspection are -

• Transparent communication with customers — you will be able to get in touch with your customers directly online and chat with them. The transparency is going to go a long way now.

• The digital inspection of your vehicle will provide you with direct results. The digital space will keep giving customers updates about their vehicle safety, and this will make you even more reliable near customers.

• Stand ahead of the competitors. The digital inspection is going to acquire a significant role in the future, and this may affect the businesses that are not following it actually. This is the reason why you should start adapting to it from now onwards.

Debunking the Myths of Digital Inspection

Vehicles are one of the live forms of existing technology, but the sad part is that the same industry struggles when it comes to adopting new technologies. There are so many myths surrounding digital inspection. Let us start bursting each myth at a time in this article.


Well, it is a lie I tell that this digital inspection isn’t going to be expensive. It is an investment of both time and money. But the one thing that you have to remember here is this investment is worth your time and money. Every dollar, as well as each minute that you spend on this digital inspection technology, will be worth it. There are so many people who are disinclined to the idea of learning something new but believe me.

You should be ready to learn and adapt yourself to the latest technologies from time to time. Digital inspection is going to be a major part of the automobile industry. And further, you have to invest time and money in it no matter how much you think of ignoring it.

No Time

Well, I know that an automobile shop has a lot of work to wrap up right from opening the store. You may not have time for implementing new technology, but when are you going to be free to do that? Do you think that procrastinating this thing will make it disappear? No, right! This is the motive why you have to take some time off from your schedule and spend it on implementing this new digital inspection technology.

As said, it is not going to go anywhere in the near future, and it is better for you to start adapting it right now. It will definitely add value to your business.

Need to Learn It

It is a basic human nature to keep on learning new things in life. You cannot run from anything. Everything that you know now is something that you spent time to learn then why keep digital inspection aside. It is important for you to learn and spend a good amount of time understanding technology. Whenever we buy a new thing, we surely spend some time learning how to operate it, right! Similarly, digital inspection technology also needs some practice which you have to do by the way.

Not Profitable

This is by far the prime myth about and around digital inspection. Most of the people ignore this technology thinking or should I say assuming that it is not profitable. Well, let me burst your bubble now. This technology is something that will save up a good amount of money if you invest in it. You will be able to understand how valuable this is when you check out the customer’s messages, their feedback, and receive payments online too.

People underestimate digital technology a lot but using it properly will surely save up a lot of amount and time on your end.

Eliminate Jobs

Automation and digitization will indeed remove man to work a lot. However, one thing that you have to remember here is that this inspection will only check for the problems not solve them. The skilled manpower is still needed to take care of the work. So, do not worry about losing jobs because of automation technology. No matter how many automated technologies come, human beings are the one that creates them, so elimination of jobs is definitely a myth.

Research by the Wall Street Journal has verified that companies like BMW have created more jobs by adding automated devices on their floor. Yes, someone needs to control and maintain those tools right, and this way, the company will increase the manpower and offer employment to more people than usual. This way, automation can be used for creating employment too.

Key Takeaways

Adapting to anything for the first time is tough, and there is no denying in that. But once you adapt yourself for it, you will understand how effective it is. There are a lot of people out there who were worried about transitioning to computer leaving the papers.

However, now almost every store out there is filled with computers. The same thing happens with a digital inspection. A worker solves the issue related to utilizing digital inspection with ease rather than adapting to traditional methods.

5iQ automobile software is the most excellent solution for digital inspection of vehicles. It comes in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that empowers non-technical professionals to utilize cloud-based applications that anyone can operate without any specialized training.



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